Virtual Events on Facebook ebook

How to Get More People Fundraising for you on Facebook

The new Virtual Events model that is raising millions for Non-Profits on Facebook rity clien

A few months ago B.C. (Before Coronavirus) we saw some of our GivePanel charity clients experience huge volumes of new Facebook Fundraisers over a short period of time (You know, it was that “hockey stick” looking graph on their GivePanel dashboard that gave it away)

We had to find out more.

Turns out these clients were doing something very different to get people fundraising for them using a combination of Facebook tools in a unique way.

Since then we have been working closely with Adrian O'Flynn - the zen master behind this new model to launch new GivePanel features to support our clients with all these new Facebook Fundraisers and donations.

Adrian has been kind enough to work with our Founder Nick Burne on a free e-book at this difficult time for fundraising.

The fundraising community needs all the help it can get at this time and this new model could just be the thing that helps save this year's results.

In this e-book you will discover...

  • How to come up with a killer "stay at home" fundraising idea that gets you more Facebook Fundraisers
  • The MOST important secret to getting people actually fundraising for you

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